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UQL is connecting LA's homeless population to safe and secure housing

We are on a mission to Break and End the Cycle of Homelessness. To get our brothers & sisters off the streets and integrate them back into our communities. And to significantly increase and improve the overall availability of affordable, permanent, sustainable, & supportive housing. But we need your help.

Help Bring Them Indoors.

Join us on our journey to “Help Bring Them Indoors”. Your generous support will directly provide housing & rehabilitation services to our homeless clients. Because we believe that no individual should live without a home. Partner with Urban Quality Living today, and help put an end to homelessness.

The Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA) 2022 estimated homeless count showed that in the City of Los Angeles, the number of people experiencing homelessness on any given night increased to 41,980 from 41,290 in 2020. In the County of Los Angeles, the estimated number of people experiencing homelessness on any given night increased to 69,144 from 66,436 in 2020. Below is how we plan to impact this data and help bring more of our homeless population indoors. Join and support our mission.

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Help Us To Do More By Shopping With Us

At Urban Quality Living, our fundamental mission is to bring indoors our homeless brothers and sisters. They tend to be the most vulnerable, overlooked, elderly, frail, mentally-challenged and physically sick among us.

To accomplish this critical objective and safeguard our homeless population's welfare, we need your financial support. Below, we have various items/products that you can purchase from us to ensure that we can fund and support the future of our homeless brothers and sisters, while working with them to break their cycle of homelessness.

We thank you for your kind response to this call to action, which will empower Urban Quality Living to not only create a path out of homelessness, but also to help uplift our most vulnerable homeless persons/families. Together, as we work to navigate resources that are available to them, we can give the homeless a stake holder position in our great State of California. 

Together We Can Make A Difference

End the Cycle of Homelessness

Urban Quality Living offers our homeless brothers and sisters the opportunity to experiences wellness and foster their involvement and engagement in their communities. It is our goal to end the cycle of homelessness, thereby ensuring that once a homeless brother or sister is housed, they remain sheltered and safe in their communities long-term. So please consider a monetary or in-kind donation to help us to do this work.

If you wish to volunteer your time, or your skill in helping the homeless or to partner with us to achieve our mission goal. Please visit both our "Get Involved" and "Partners" Pages to see how you can help Urban Quality Living.


You can also put a care package together and give it to a homeless person in your neighborhood. We thank you in advance for your involvement and any contribution you would like to make.

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We Are All Impacted by Homelessness