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Drop-In Care Center: About Us

Drop-In Care Center

Urban Quality Living

Urban Quality Living believes that all of our homeless brothers and sisters do have the willpower, desire, determination and the potential for self-growth, all of which can pave the path towards their economic and social self-sufficiency. For their determination and desire to end their cycle of homelessness to be fully realized, we are intent on providing them with a respectful environment, where they can come to and gain the support, resources and information they need to make informed proactive and productive decisions.

Our Drop-In Care Center will help facilitate the right path forward for each homeless person/family that visit(s) us. Each client will be individually assessed and provided with a tailored holistic case management support system. This system is relationship-based to build and fully restore our homeless population and integrates them back into our communities as active and productive stakeholders.

If you are at the risk of becoming homeless or currently homeless or have being homeless for some time, our case management team is waiting to offer you a path towards stability and permanent housing.

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