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Why Your Gift Matters!

Giving Tuesday this year is on November 29th, and we are looking forward to our community's support for our un-housed brothers and sisters. Your kind monthly donation support empowers our unhoused community on their path to becoming financially, mentally, and emotionally strengthened to reclaim their stakeholder position in our community.

By sponsoring a homeless person/family, you provide them with the help and emotional support they need to know that they are loved, understood, and cared for by the community. Your monthly donation gives them hope and the assurance that they can make it through any challenge that might be ahead of them as they journey out of homelessness into self-sufficiency and financial independence.
Your financial support goes where you can't go. Still, the impact you are making is visible to our un-housed brothers and sisters. Your generous monthly donation supports and builds up their self-confidence to believe that they too can be productive and active participants in our community.
Thanks for your gift this Giving Tuesday, a day that Urban Quality Living thank you for Empowering our Homeless Community for Success.



"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver." -Maya Angelou


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