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Safe Parking

Urban Quality Living

Homelessness knows no barrier or class. No one in their lifetime ever plans to be homeless with their vehicle as their living and sleeping space. In Los Angeles, the number of people sleeping in their cars, because they no longer have a place to call home is on the rise. These groups of people can be individuals or families with children that don't have a home. They move from one location to another and at night they tend to have a concern for their safety and welfare, as they become an easy target of abuse and crime. 

According to our friends at SafeParkingLA, there are over 15,700+ people that are currently living and sleeping in their cars every night in the county of LA. This group of people sleeping and living in their cars because of the lack of affordable housing far exceeds 25% of the homeless population in the county of Los Angeles.

Safe Parking Los Angeles offers people sleeping and living in their vehicles a safe and legal place to park and sleep, while also providing accessible restrooms and resources aimed at getting them housed in a safe stable community.

We are proud of our friends at Safe Parking and value the work that they are doing in our community.

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