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Empowering For Success

Why Your Gift Matters!

Monthly Financial Assistance Program (MFAP)


Urban Quality Living's monthly financial assistance program provides the only stable source of income, allowing our unhoused participants to budget for their daily needs as we work to stabilize and ensure their permanent long-term housing. 


Without this monthly financial assistance support, our participants would be unable to create a path toward self-sufficiency and financial independence. The participants use these funds for food and many other daily essentials.


Your kind monthly donations empower our participants to engage with our community as active, successful stakeholders.


Thank you for your kind support!



Empower For Success is a community of dedicated and mission driven group of monthly donors focused on breaking and ending the experience and the cycle of homelessness in our neighborhood's. These are people like yourself giving monthly to help a homeless person/family on the journey out of homelessness.


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