Empowering For Success

Why Your Gift Matters!



Empower Them For Success is a community of dedicated and mission driven group of monthly donors focused on breaking and ending the experience and the cycle of homelessness in our neighborhood's. These are people like yourself giving monthly to help a homeless person/family on the journey out of homelessness.

At Urban Quality Living, we work to get our homeless brothers and sisters off the street and into housing. 

Below is the story of a homeless person that we recently served:

A practicing attorney in civil law, probate, and criminal law became sick. His medical bills were so high that he could not make those payments as required. Due to non-payment and legal actions that followed, he lost his law practice and immediately, after that is home.  The one asset that he had and was able to maintain financially on his now limited social security benefit is his vehicle. The vehicle became his home and, he will move from street to street within the Ladera Heights area in Los Angeles.

This client is now receiving health care services, housed and off the street. In the words of this legal attorney, “I am encouraged”.  After years of living in his vehicle, he is now indoors and planning for his future.

Through your gift of hope you can help start the process of breaking and ending the cycle of homelessness, for many more of our homeless brothers and sisters.