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Over the past two years, Urban Quality Living has partnered with Housing Works to provide our unhoused neighbors in Los Angeles with a monthly financial stipend. The stipend helps address food insecurity, living, and transportation expenses and even helps offset the cost of medical prescriptions. This stable source of income has significantly impacted our unhoused participants' transition as they journey out of homelessness into permanent housing.

Today as you come alongside us, Housing Works, and our business sponsor MISA Los Angeles you will be supporting and further expanding the number of participants in this program. As direct stakeholders in Los Angeles, all three organizations are committed to impacting the most vulnerable in our community and addressing a housing crisis that affects us all. Your generous gift will empower our participants to face all the daily challenges we take for granted. You will enable participants to map a path of financial independence from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Thank you for donating to help our unhoused neighbors address monetary challenges that can arise throughout homelessness and the process of integrating into permanent housing and our community.



Empower For Success is a community of dedicated and mission driven group of monthly donors focused on breaking and ending the experience and the cycle of homelessness in our neighborhood's. These are people like yourself giving monthly to help an unhosed person/family on the journey out of homelessness.


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