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Trauma Care Services: About Us

Trauma Care Services

Urban Quality Living

Anyone that has experience homelessness can confirm that the experience is truly hopeless. It can strip you of self-worth the longer you are in that state, and it is also a very traumatic event to go through. We all long for a place to call home, and once we've experienced the privilege of having a safe space to rest our heads, we can be lost when that gets taken away from us, not knowing where to turn for help and support.


Because we are all individuals and deal with stress in contrasting ways, the experience of homelessness affects us differently. So does the trauma effect that can follow the experience. People facing, dealing or coping with homelessness tend to also live with a whole range of personal challenges and issues. When these issues are layered on top of one another, one's ability to function effectively often becomes severely impacted, rendering us less competent to make effective decisions. If you require support in dealing with homelessness, please get in touch with us immediately.

When a homeless individual has reached the breaking point, he/she is likely to give up, becoming re-traumatized and leading to marginalization, isolation and discrimination. As a result, they become highly vulnerable to all types of violence, and of course lack the resources, or even the voice, to stand up for their rights in our communities.

Given these factors, we need to understand the link between trauma, homelessness and deaths by suicide in our homeless population and do all we can to ensure that our homeless brothers and sisters are given quality care that addresses either current or past traumatic experiences.

If you or anyone you know is an homeless person/family that needs help in dealing with trauma or traumatic experiences, even those not caused by homelessness, please do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately.

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