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About Us

Our Undertaking at Urban Quality Living

We are a community-based nonprofit organization providing trauma-informed care and supportive affordable and permanent housing for homeless people. Our main objective is to break the cycle of homelessness, one individual and one family at a time. We are committed to building safe and stable communities, where homeless and poor people have access to holistic programs and services to foster their rehabilitation. This will in turn allow them to become economically self-sufficient and active stakeholders and members of their neighborhoods and communities at large.

At Urban Quality Living, we believe that - together - we can end the cycle of homelessness in our communities. We aim to do this by offering our homeless brothers and sisters the path to self-growth and sufficiency while ensuring that they are treated with respect and valued as human beings. Our experienced staff and well-trained volunteers are willing and ready to support and provide the resources required to sustain our homeless brothers and sisters in their affordable homes long-term.

Our Vision

Educate, empower, and engage homeless persons and families to become effective and productive stakeholders in their communities.

Our Values

  • Freedom / Excellence

  • Family / Understanding

  • Dignity / Integrity

  • Cooperation / Support

  • Confidence / Respect

  • Friendship / Commitment

  • Personal Growth / Self-Sufficiency

Our Mission

The mission of Urban Quality Living is to fully integrate our homeless population into our communities, by providing them with affordable permanent housing, health care, education, employment, and supportive trauma-informed wellness services, designed to end homelessness. Through our housing first program, cultivate a sense of belonging both socially and economically to their neighborhoods to become active stakeholders.

Homelessness is solvable. Yes, it may be the greatest crisis of our lifetime, but we know that when we all come together and summon our skills and concentration to bear on this issue, we can truly break the cycle of homelessness. So let us join hands and get to work.

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