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Day of Service: About Us

Day of Service

Urban Quality Living

Our Days of Service are set days when anyone can and are encouraged to participate and join us in service opportunities, events, and activities that bring us together as a community in service to our homeless population. These Days of Service allows us at Urban Quality Living to raise awareness in our communities about the issue of homelessness and what we can all do to help and end the cycle. We also use these days to register and mobilize more volunteers to join us in our mission to pave the path of self-sufficiency, independence, and respect for our homeless brothers and sisters.

These days are also a way for groups, businesses, and a community-based corporation to further engage in a positive and practical way with the community in which they live and do business. The projects that are selected for our Day's of Service are tailored and designed to motivate and mobilize individuals, families, groups, and anyone with a few extra hours to give back and make a difference within our homeless population.


Our Days of Service opportunities do not require ongoing commitment, but if you are willing and wanting to do more, you can register as a volunteer. No previous experience, training, or skills are required to take part. Moreover, your hours of service can be used to fulfill community service requirements for schools and other institutions.

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